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Latest News

TeSLA project presented at EQAF

The TeSLA project was presented at the European Quality Assurance Forum.


New leadership of EQANIE

At their last meeting, the members of the General Assembly elected a new President and Vice-President.


New programme outcomes for business informatics

EQANIE has just adopted new programme outcomes for the accreditation of business informatics or information systems or similar programmes.



The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of EQANIE. It is composed of one delegate per EQANIE member-organization. The General Assembly meets at least once a year.



Meeting Milan 2010: H.-U.Heiss, I.Wasser, H.-U.Bühler, J.deMeer(Guest), Chr.Choppy, H.A.Frederik, E.Nardelli, E.Vendrell Vidal. 


The Executive Board

The Executive Board is appointed by the General Assembly for a period of three years. Members of the Executive Board may be re-elected once. The main tasks of the Board are to:

  • prepare the working programme and manage the activities of EQANIE e. V.
  • discuss and submit the budget of EQANIE e.V. to the General Assembly
  • propose the Membership Fees
  • consider applications for Membership and make recommendations on them to the General Assembly
  • discuss proposals for expulsion of Members and make recommendations on them to the General Assembly.


The Executive Board for the term 2015-2017 is composed of:


Prof. Liz Bacon
Vice-Principal at Abertay University, Scotland


Prof. Simone Martini
Università di Bologna


Board Members


Prof. Dr. Simone Martini, GRIN
  Prof. Dr. Leszek Pacholski, Informatics Europe

Prof. Dr. Norbert Ritter,


  Prof. Dr. Olaf Zukunft, FBTI/GAFIUS


Secretary General

Dr. Martin Foerster
Secretary General of EQANIE e.V.
E-mail: foerster@eqanie.eu
Phone: +49 211 900977-22

 The Permanent Secretariat is located at ASIIN Consult GmbH.


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