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Conference "Dimensions of Quality Assurance in Informatics Education 2011" at Lake Como, Italy, Sep 22/23, 2011. Read more...

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At their last meeting, the members of the General Assembly elected a new President and Vice-President.


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EQANIE has just adopted new programme outcomes for the accreditation of business informatics or information systems or similar programmes.


February 17th and 18th, 2011, Vienna, Austria

About the conference

This conference took place on February 17th and 18th 2011 in Vienna, Austria. The background was the following: In most countries of the European Higher Education Area the implementation of the Bologna Process is in full swing. A key tool introduced at the Bergen Conference in 2005 were the generic learning outcomes for each of the study cycles in higher education.

University of Vienna, main buidling, source: Wikimedia

Nowadays, most of the higher education institutions (HEI) in Europe have defined specific learning objectives for each module of their degree programmes. However, many teachers in academia still find it difficult to work with learning objectives, i.e. to define and formulate them, and assess the actual learning outcomes.

University of Vienna, main building. Source: Wikimedia

Diverse initiatives have recently discovered the positive potential of sharing and discussing good practices developed by HEI. The European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE) invited to a conference on quality management at programme level and learning objectives and -outcomes specifically targeted at stakeholders in informatics/computing.

That the similar professional/academic background of the participants fostered a joint understanding of individual problems encountered and thus built the ground for productive discussions, future cooperation and a simplified transfer of the good practice examples presented at the event.

Conference Learning Objectives

Having attended both days of the conference, participants know selected approaches to working with learning outcomes. They can identify opportunities of using learning outcomes for the quality of education and are aware of the challenges and they represent for their own discipline. They also have an insight in varying expectations towards the use of learning outcomes, depending on the viewpoint of the different stakeholders.

If they have chosen Workshop 1 (training), participants are able to explain the idea and objectives of learning outcomes and how they can be used for internal curriculum review processes. Participants are able to formulate measurable learning objectives for a standard module in of an informatics degree programme, and they are able to assess whether the actual learning outcomes correspond to the learning objectives.

Participants of Workshops 2 and 3 (exchange of good practices) have gained an insight into possible methods for internal quality management at programme level or tools of assessing learning outcomes. After group discussions, the participants are also able to weigh the benefits of the presented practices for adaptation at their own departments.

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