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BCS authorized to award the Euro-Inf Quality Labels

Nov 20 2013
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As second European agency, the BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT in the UK, has been authorized to award the Euro-Inf Quality Labels by EQANIE's Executive Board during its meeting on October 7, 2013.

In addition to the German ASIIN, the British BCS can now award Euro-Inf Quality Labels in the frame of their own national accreditation procedures, thus facilitating the award of the label to British degree programmes in informatics.

By combining the national accreditation with the Euro-Inf accreditation, procedural efforts are greatly miniminzed making it easier for Higher Education Institutions to apply for the Euro-Inf label.

During the authorization process, EQANIE set up a review team, chaired by a member of its Accreditation Committee, which was tasked with assessing BCS's self-assessment report against the EQANIE criteria. The review team also participated in an onsite visit implemented by BCS at the University of Cardiff as well as in the meeting of the BCS Academic Accreditation Committee. The review team was impressed by the thoroughness of the BCS panel in assessing the mappings of the programme learning outcomes to the respective BCS learning outcomes.

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