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TeSLA - Call for Experts

In the framework of the TeSLA - Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment System for Learning - project, AQU Catalunya, EQANIE and ENQA are looking for 44 experts (quality assurance professionals, e-learning, e-assessment and ICT experts, academics and students) to help in the implementation of a new e-assessment system.


The project consists of developing an adaptive, trust-based e-assessment system for assuring e-assessment processes in online and blended environments. The implementation and reliability of the system will be tested at different stages in three pilots. The task of the experts will consist of evaluating the execution of those three pilots in different universities and providing feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Detailed information about the experts roles can be found here.

Candidates should submit their CVs in the appropriate format (academics, QA experts, technology experts, students) to tesla@aqu.cat by Friday 25 November 2016, midnight GMT.

The selection of the experts will be performed in November-December 2016.


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