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TeSLA call for experts

EQANIE members and experts are invited to participate in evaluations.


New Euro-Inf Framework Standards

The Board of EQANIE adopted the new Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria.


TeSLA seminar on e-learning

All members are invited to a free seminar on the social dimensions of e-learning in Athens, Greece, on 12-13 December 2013.

More information here.

The Euro-Inf Quality Label


The Euro-Inf Quality Label is awarded to degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level that comply with the Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria.

The objectives of the Euro-Inf Quality Label are

See which degree programmes have been awarded the Euro-Inf Quality Label.

Accreditation of informatics degree programmes

The quality of informatics degree programmes, according to EQANIE e. V., derives from a functioning qualification process, the interaction of its elements and the level of achievement of objectives – i.e. the attainment of the intended learning outcomes by the graduates of a programme.

Accreditation with EQANIE aims to review the logics and efficacy of a qualification process within a degree programme in the field of informatics. Central to the overall assessment is the effective attainment of the educational objectives set by the institution applying for the Euro-Inf Quality Label.

The basis for accreditation with EQANIE are the Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria in conjunction with the European guidelines (European Standards and Guidelines). The key element of the Euro-Inf Framework are its learning outcomes statements at Bachelor's and Master's level (p. 3-5).

The Euro-Inf learning outcomes statements were developed, tested and refined in several rounds in the context of the Euro-Inf Project 2006-2008. They reflect the expectations of the European labour market and required entrance qualifications for entering higher levels of studies in the field of informatics.

Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria


What are the benefits of the Euro-Inf Quality Label for the stakeholders?

The Euro-Inf system is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

 How to apply for a Euro-Inf Quality Label

Find out here how the Euro-Inf accreditation procedure works.

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